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ERC encourages runners of all types and abilities. The club is completely run by volunteers, though volunteering is not required. Yearly membership is $15 for individuals, $20 for families. There is a $1 discount to opt for email-only newsletters (though you may still receive the paper newsletter)

Registration Options
  • If you are renewing your membership, search for your name and click "Renew" beside it. This works for families as well - when you renew one member, all members are renewed.

  • If you are creating an individual membership, registration is straightforward. Click Here. If you would rather mail it in, you can print an application and mail it in with a check, though we prefer that you join online. It saves time and typos.
  • If you are creating a family membership, you will need to create a group registration using your family name or other group name. You will then be able to add family members.
  • If you mailed it in in the past, and want to manage your own family or individual membership, just register anew.

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ERC Membership - Participants

First NameLast NameCityState/ProvinceCountryAgeGenderCategoryExpiration DateRenew
Lawrence Berdis ERIE PA US 79 M Individual 2-28-2017 Renew
xc coach CAMBRIDGE SPRINGS PA US 115 XC Coach 2-28-2018 Renew
Joe Dobrich erie PA US 56 M Sponsor 2-28-2019 Renew
Barbara Filutze ERIE PA US 67 F Family 2-28-2019 Renew
Michael Filutze ERIE PA US 67 M Family 2-28-2019 Renew
John Huegel ERIE PA US 79 M Family 2-28-2020 Renew
Linda Huegel ERIE PA US 72 F Family 2-28-2020 Renew
Anthony Lytle ERIE PA US 21 M Family 2-28-2020 Renew
Gianna Lytle ERIE PA US 9 F Family 2-28-2020 Renew
John Lytle ERIE PA US 57 M Family 2-28-2020 Renew
Sharon Lytle ERIE PA US 52 F Family 2-28-2020 Renew
Dottie Mahoney The Villages FL US 68 F Individual 2-28-2019 Renew
Frank Mainzer ERIE PA US 83 M Family 2-28-2020 Renew
Frank Mainzer ERIE PA US 83 M Family 2-28-2020 Renew
Joan H Mainzer ERIE PA US 75 F Family 2-28-2020 Renew
BOB SONTHEIMER ERIE PA US 69 M Individual 2-28-2020 Renew
Carlen Stadnik Erie PA US 20 F Individual 2-28-2014 Renew
Jan Vieyra Fairview PA US 59 F Individual 2-28-2019 Renew
Mike Vieyra FAIRVIEW PA US 30 M Individual 2-28-2020 Renew
Margaret Walker MEADVILLE PA US 92 F Individual 2-28-2020 Renew
ERC Membership gets you discounts (coupon codes or automatic discounts) for many ERC Events.
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